October 7, 2023… A Day that Shall Live in Infamy

Unspeakable acts of barbarism against innocent civilians occurred on Oct. 7, 2023. Unfortunately, the moral depravity against Israeli civilians and civilians from thirty different countries has forced Israel into a war against Hamas and any other terror organization that seeks the genocidal annihilation of the Jewish people. There are therefore many stories, all difficult to write about that day and the following days…  

Hmmm…There’s a story here…

Peeling the Onion of Collective Conscience

Whether through novel, documentary, feature film, or stage play… For the Jewish people and people of all faiths and backgrounds, in Israel, the barbaric events that occurred on October 7, 2023 shall be sealed in the collective conscience of future generations. Crimes against humanity filmed by terrorists and posted to social media with glee are a particularly vile episode in the saga of the human species.

Key point for the writer: Truth-telling from the heart

The Hollywood film industry oftentimes churns out films about the Jewish people that are forgettable. It is not easy to design a story that will translate to the screen and end up a blockbuster like Exodus

In any case, there is a segment of the population who would prefer independently produced films that are on a much smaller budget, speak to a particular niche audience, and have a defined message to impart. No matter what the medium of the writer’s art or craft, whether it is a stage play, film, novel, or documentary, the point is that with insight into one’s soul and truth-telling from the heart, one can reach heights that never seemed possible. 

Key point for the writer: A High Concept embedded into a story idea

Although weddings are fraught with subplots and angst that it’s all going to “come off” like a calibrated marching band, a wedding is not a story. A death is not a story. A Bar Mitzvah or a christening or a brit milah do not equal a story. A pregnancy is not a story, even if there were complications and the baby died at birth. 

In addition, missing a train, which ended up getting derailed and killing a hundred people is not a story. Missing a bus, which ended up getting blown up in a terror attack is not a story. Missing one of the planes that ended up being highjacked by Islamic Jihadist terrorists who directed planes into skyscrapers, which ended up murdering thousands of innocent people is not a story. ISIS or Hamas or any other designated terrorist group beheading hundreds of human beings is not a story. A little girl getting hit by a car and surviving is not a story.

So what is necessary to create a memorable story about October 7, 2023? Or September 11, 2001? There are unfortunately a plethora of terrorist attacks to choose from. Like a detective, the writer must examine and peel the onion and get to the truth of the overriding question: “what really happened?”

Key point for the writer: Peel the onion, examine core issues, get to the inner voice  

– Create compelling characters who are living in 3-D format and who have flaws
– Craft an unlikely hero who seeks to reach his/her goal despite insurmountable odds / obstacles / setbacks / complications / revelations / opponents
– Structure 27 story beats together with transcending multiple genre story beats
– Learn sequencing and scene structure; outline before even one word is written
– Craft the fate of a nation mirroring the hero’s struggle to reach his/her goal and write the story beats, inherent in a decisive genre mix.