Mission Statement




JCAD (American Friends of the Jerusalem Center for Artistic Development, Inc.) provides the means for people worldwide to learn skills and develop their talents in various art forms: Screenwriting, novel writing, stage play writing, documentary writing, dance, music and film production. Our dream is to utilize and tap into not only the talents of the richly diverse population of this international city, but also the talents of a vast online audience.

Our Vision

Optioned screenplays, published novels, produced stage plays and documentaries. Alongside the journey to our end goal, we wish to help writers worldwide tell their stories and thus, we hope to reach a vast audience of talented people! In addition to the Indie film industry, we help writers craft their stories so that they can be produced into mainstream Hollywood-style productions in a variety of genres. For writers who reside in Israel or have Israel in their hearts and minds, we encourage the future development of films that are produced on location in Israel.