What Writers Say About Arkay’s Teaching Approach

“First of all, thank you so much. I have taken 2 screenwriting classes before (from people with very big credentials) and read tons of books. Your class is at least 10 times more informative, enlightening, fascinating, richer, deeper and just great. I am getting so much from every class. From your class I now see the big problems with the screenplay I already wrote.

And yes, I have a few new different ideas for a different screenplay running through my head now.  I continue to write notes and brainstorm ideas, sketching out the sequences, the characters, the hidden weaknesses in them, the all is lost moment, the opponents, etc…  It is in the chaotic, unclear stage right now. But I don’t mind, I enjoy the process…”

R.S. Jerusalem

“You are a FANTASTIC teacher. In fact, even today at a wedding, I described your class to someone. Even if I didn’t want to learn how to put together a decent story, I would want to sit in on your classes. Wish all teachers cut to the chase as you do, no tangents and meandering, staying on target. Really, whatever you teach would be a topic well-taught.”

D.A. Jerusalem

“What I Truly Love About Israel”

By Y.S., a student in JCAD Screenwriting Classes

“I noticed that the “10-Weeks! 10-Classes!” seminars at the Israel Center turned into 5 more seminar classes, which then led to 10 weeks of Work Shop classes. I still am struggling with my Premise Line, but I have my characters down and I’m on my way with developing more conflict, which will cause the Hero to develop the Story Beat of Excessive Drive. I have to make my Opponent more antagonistic…Thanks for the Skype lessons! I look forward to coming to Jerusalem soon and joining an advanced class!…”

J.B. New York

“Definitely keep me on the list for future classes. Will try to do my homework till then. Happy Chanukah.”

E.K. Jerusalem

“I really appreciate what I have learned from you! Too bad this is such a short course. I never really got into the ‘novel’ part which is the basic reason I joined your class. My novel is fairly well developed, but has many problems unresolved in the writing. Is there a chance you can have more classes on this aspect of writing? I guess a movie script would also apply and I hope to transfer your ideas to my book and maybe get it bought for a screen script. That would be wonderful, don’t you think? I bought a DVD of The Fugitive.”

A.L. Jerusalem

“NOOOOOOOO. I want our Work Shops to be tomorrow!!

You’re torturing me…Thank you for making me think about my stage play in a new way!…

I am in SCREENWRITING withdrawal. I missed our class soooooooo much. I haven’t written a stitch this week. I can see that will be what happens, because we don’t have class!!!! …”

S.K. Jerusalem

“Thanks, Ronnie!

It’s all so overwhelming as I’m sure you know. I think that if I take it slowly, it will work out. Thanks for your confidence!…”

M.E. Jerusalem

“Thanks for some very stimulating sessions Ronnie. Lots of food for thought and ideas for getting creative. I am going to tackle this very soon.”

R.H. Jerusalem

“What a great class!

You inspired me, truly. P.S. JerusalemI was so so a million times happy to see about your advanced class. I will surely take it. I am struggling right now with writing my screen play and miss the inspiration of your class terribly.”

R.S. Jerusalem