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image-1-supportBased in Jerusalem, JCAD is an international school devoted to educating students from diverse backgrounds. Whether a student joins our online or on-location classes, we teach the disciplines necessary to write for film or novel according to rigorous Hollywood requirements. Students can learn writing techniques without committing to a high-cost film school!



Why Support JCAD?

What better way to tell Israel’s positive story than through produced screenplays, novels, stage plays or documentaries in our on-location classes?




Did you ever dream of writing a novel or screenplay, but didn’t have the time to write a single page? Are you an avid movie goer, curious how the films you watch are produced?

What if you could make your dream a JCAD student’s reality?

By becoming a supporter, you become part of the JCAD dream: To enable writers to tell their stories one page at a time.




Mythology/Historical Epic: An archaeologist who discovers Goliath’s home village…

Romance: A young couple who find love in Jerusalem…

Action/Drama: A soldier who performs a heroic feat…

Adventure: A child who finds ancient coins in a gold box while digging in the sand at Caesaria…

Memoir/True Story: A young man’s spiritual journey starts in Israel in preparation for the priesthood…



Be a part of JCAD’s dream of enabling writers to tell their stories one page at a time.

Help JCAD to tell Israel’s positive story through produced screenplays, novels, stage plays, and documentaries.

• Endow a Permanent Teaching Facility in Jerusalem
• Endow Virtual Online Teaching Platforms
• Endow a Teaching Chair
• Endow JCAD Scholarship Fund


For a Gift of $3,600-$10,000

Our ultimate goal is to have a permanent home in Jerusalem for our on-location, self-contained classes to include:

• Visitor’s Lobby   
• Registration/Information Desk
• Classrooms
• Conference Room
• Student Lounge Area
• Production Studio
• Film/Video Editing Lab
• Screening Theater

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For a Gift of $3,600-$10,000

Sponsorship of virtual online teaching platforms provides JCAD with the latest technology to develop online educational programs that provide for a seamless user experience. This includes video conferencing equipment to integrate on-location classes into a virtual classroom environment. Students will be able to join classes as they occur, both online and in Jerusalem.

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For a Gift of $2,500-$10,000

Every student yearns for the opportunity to meet and rub shoulders with icons of the film industry and publishing world. Teaching Chair sponsorships bring both international and local industry insiders to our virtual and on-location classrooms. Students gain different points of view on such diverse topics as:

• Writers workshops
• Directing
• Cinematography
• Production
• Editing
• Scoring for film
• Marketing
• Copyright law

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 For a Gift of $1,800-$10,000

Scholarship recipients benefit from our package programs that combine screenplay/novel writing classes with tours to archaeological and historical sites, whether a resident or visitor to Israel.

Our scholarship fund provides financial assistance to talented writers from around the world to experience JCAD classes in Jerusalem. By endowing JCAD’s scholarship fund, you will help us inspire and educate writers to showcase the beauty of Israel.

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Make a General Gift to JCAD

JCAD, a non-profit organization, depends on a broad spectrum of generous donors. Your gift, no matter the size, helps us make a far-reaching impact on the vitality of artistic development and the lives of JCAD students in Jerusalem and worldwide. 

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American Friends of The Jerusalem Center for Artistic Development, Inc. (JCAD)

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Your contributions are fully deductible under the U.S. Internal Revenue code, section 501(C)3.