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Ronnie Tharp-Garber wrote her first illustrated short story at age five, and she directed her first musical, Peter Pan, at age 10. She danced, drew, and painted in her teens at the NY High School of Music and Art; she developed her passion for ballet by her admission to the High School of Performing Arts, and studied with the Balanchine School of American Ballet for 10 years; she developed an appreciation for “the working child,” joining a ballet company at age 15 and going to school with “theater kids” at Professional Children’s School (PCS), NYC.  She grew up in an environment where her friends were driven to perform because they loved it!

After earning a Masters Degree in English Literature at Kent State University, a long career as a Secondary and University teacher, and appearing in college musical productions, she also studied screenwriting at UCLA and NYU.  Having met hundreds of students who wanted to learn the art of storytelling and who, like most of us, have a love for the medium of film and theater, she decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of opening a non-profit organization, JCAD, devoted to the literary arts, theater, and dance.  And what better locale to realize that dream – Jerusalem, Israel.